Our Building Program - construction

Our Building Program

We are committed to the continuous improvement of learning, teaching and extra-curricular spaces for our students in line with the ambitious goals detailed in our XC150 Strategic Plan. As new projects come to light, we look forward to sharing up-to-date information and progress here on our website. 

April 2020

The Keenan Wing reconstruction gives life to our teaching, learning and pastoral spaces.

Over the end-of-year holiday period, the teaching and learning areas immediately adjacent to the Great Hall have been entirely transformed to provide exceptional contemporary classrooms and pastoral spaces for students at the Senior Campus.

Through delivery of this project, it has been demonstrated that the Keenan Wing, characterised by the building limitations and educational structures of its time, can be adapted for contemporary learning methodologies by embracing both traditional and innovative theories of learning. The four new classrooms will give teachers more options and students a broader experience of learning styles, augmented by the use of interactive technologies.

“Visibility, accountability, flexibility and collaboration are essential requirements in modern learning spaces, as much as technological connectivity. Removing lockers from corridors, which add to bustling carriageways, and creating meaningful gathering points will help students feel connected and known through the central function that our Houses play.


These developments will transform the living and study spaces of senior students and assist in enhancing a culture of respectful interactions and meaningful conversations”.

William Doherty

Spinola and Ignatius now both have dedicated House areas for boys to congregate and work in during their downtime, connected to the explicit teaching spaces. Flexible furniture arrangements and locker facilities are a key part of the design. These multi-use rooms also have an educational role to play and can serve as break-out spaces and extensions of the dedicated flexible classrooms adjacent.

In addition to the renewal of the form and function of the interior spaces, the façade of the building has also been redesigned to perform far better in environmental terms.

Each space is intentionally different. Different furniture styles, teacher touch-down points and technologies have been incorporated throughout each of the spaces. The purpose of this development is to learn from every aspect of the project. As students and teachers use the new unique spaces, their feedback will meaningfully inform the future renovation of further classroom spaces at the College.

We are forever grateful to our generous donor community for their ongoing support of these and other building projects. If you are interested in supporting a project, please contact the Development Office on +61 3 9815 4838 or visit Our Foundation page.