Our Old Xaverians

Our Old Xaverians

Xavier College aims to promote connectivity, collaboration, partnerships and alignment within and beyond the College community and to emphasise the quality of relationships throughout the College community, underpinned by respect, listening, thinking, reflection, discernment and conversation

The inaugural meeting of Xavier College past students occurred on 2 November 1898. From that point on, the OXA has flourished and now has over 16,000 members on its database. 

The Old Xaverians’ Association (OXA) exists to promote the welfare and advancement of Xavier College through the activities of the past students. It seeks to remain engaged with as many past students of Xavier College as possible through reunions, events and ongoing communication.  

The OXA liaises with past students to organise and facilitate reunions both locally and around the world. In recent years, the OXA has organised reunions in Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York.  

Communication takes place through XavNet, the school website, social media channels and a regular E-Newsletter. Click here to visit XavNet.

The OXA also has five affiliate clubs; Athletics, Cricket, Football, Hockey and Soccer, each with large membership bases and a strong community support system. 

OXA sporting clubs provide an important pathway for students once they leave the College to continue their passion for a particular sport under the Xavier College banner with other Old Xaverians. 

Read some of the stories of our inspiring Old Xaverians below:

Michael Nunan (OXA 2000)

Peter Salama (OX 1986)

Steven Burak (OXA 2009)

Timothy Andrew Fischer AC (OX 1963)